Mesa – only a few bottles left at 50%!

Mesa. Inspired by Bolinas. Time spent in a beautiful wooden house on Tulip Road with the lovely ladies of Gravel & Gold and other shining gems. Long walks by the ocean and atop cliffs. Surfing and skinny dipping in the Pacific. The rainbow glimmer of a piece of abalone spotted on the beach. Rain falling, fog moving, fireplace glowing and cups of spicy tea. Ambling full moon walks. Golden years. Seaweed and sweet orange days in the sand move into a wild forest and flower party of jasmine, palmarosa, cypress and pine needles. It finishes with a night of shooting stars and the earthy smell of vetiver.

Made with essential oils and absolutes in organic grape alcohol from Oregon. All from the earth, nothing synthetic ever.

/ 1/6 oz glass roll-on
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