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Captain's Log: Captain Blankenship Blog

An Evergreen Wreath to Warm Your Spirit

Sometimes the simplest holiday traditions can be the most beautiful and meaningful. This past weekend we created a wreath with grapevine and greens foraged from our own wild backyards! Begin by finding a 10-15 foot length of flexible grapevine. Form a circle and weave in the ends. Weave the ends of the greenery into the grapevine, alternating varieties along with the holly berries at regular intervals. We found an abandoned bird's nest that we nestled into the vine. Feel free to add other natural decorations to enhance your creation!

The wreath has long been a symbol of everlasting life. As nature begins its' winter slumber, the evergreen wreath serves as a reminder through the dark months that new life awaits to awaken again in the Spring. The evergreens of juniper, Douglas fir, along with American holly make a festive combination and offer an invigorating woodsy scent for the Captain Blankenship headquarters. 

Warm wishes for a happy holiday season from the crew at Captain Blankenship!