Botanical Face Paint for Halloween

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make your own natural face paints

Botanical Face Paint


Face paint brings out the fun in us all, but most conventional face paints have synthetic dyes, which are no fun for our bodies or the environment. These simple powdered face paints are made with ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen! You can make them in a matter of minutes and then go straight to work on your masterpiece. Who said rainbows and magic aren’t right beneath our fingertips! 


Recipe for All-Natural Face Paints 


-1 tsp arrowroot powder 

-1/2 tsp white cosmetic clay (kaolin, bentonite) or white all-purpose flour *

-1/2 tsp botanical pigment (see below)

* I prefer clay in this recipe, but flour will work just as well.


Blue: Blue Spirulina

Green: Green Spirulina

Yellow: Turmeric

Red: Beet Powder

Orange: Beet powder and turmeric 

Purple: : Beet powder and blue spirulina

Pink: Beet powder and Non-Nano Zinc powder

White: Non-Nano Zinc powder

Black: Activated Charcoal 

Brown: Raw Cacao powder


Mix powders together with small spoon and store in storage bag or jar. Should keep fresh for up to one year.


To make face paint: 

-Mix ¼ tsp face paint powder with ¼ tsp water and 1 drop of honey in a small dish (clean shells work great for this). Mix with spoon to paste like consistency. Apply to face with brush. Washes off easily with water.  


shimmer spray a natural alternative to hair dye this halloween

For added sparkle and fun on Halloween, try our Golden Waves Shimmer Spray or Rose Gold Sunset Shimmer Spray for a subtle effect on hair without the harmful dyes. Apply a hair oil like our Mermaid Hair Oil before any synthetic dyes you might use to protect hair from over-abosorbtion. Great for kids or grown up ghouls.


shimmer spray a natural alternative to hair dye this halloween

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