Crew: The Gel of My Curly-Haired Dreams

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Amy De Angelis is our production manager at Captain Blankenship, responsible for bringing to life the formulas we cherish. Her background is in Environmental studies, art, and cooking. From Amy: 
"I've always had a deep love of the natural world and all things beautiful.  I wanted to work for a company that brought the natural wonders of the world to the marketplace in a gorgeous and sustainable way.  I've found that at Captain Blankenship. 

I started working at Captain Blankenship when my son Ananta, and Jana's daughter Mila, were both 4 months old in 2013. Jana and I, scrambling to get orders out and watch babies at the same time.  We built this together with a lot of sweat and tears, triumphs, failures and diapers! There is nothing else I'd rather be doing."


Jellyfish Hair Gel for Curly Hair

The development of the Sailor Jellyfish Hair Gel is a creation very dear to my curls. After years of research, testing of natural ingredients, and developing prototypes, I am so proud that the final result is everything I had hoped it would be! I wanted to create a product that added soft curl definition for curly hair, added gentle soft waves to straight hair, while also working as a styling gel for shorter hair styles. The aloe vera deeply nourishes my tresses without adding crunch or flakes. Any girl with a mess of curly hair knows that it takes years to find the products that actually work to define curls and don't contain synthetic chemicals. I also appreciate that I can go 4-5 days without washing my hair, and I can freshen my curls each morning with the gel and still not have any accumulation of flakes from dried product. The best part of the experience of applying this gel is its fresh and beautiful forest scent of fir needle, rosemary, and mint organic essential oils. 

jellyfish hair gel is great for kids 


Great for Kids with Wild Manes

I also use Jellyfish Hair Gel on my long-haired, wild boys. I have one son with curly hair and one with straight hair. It can be a lot of work combing through the tangles and dealing with the tears that can come with big gnarly knots. I found that if I run the gel through their freshly washed and towel-dried hair, it makes the combing much easier for them and for me. The gel doubles as a detangler, smoothing hair out nicely, without being greasy. Like all Sailor and Captain Blankenship products, this product is completely safe for me, my kids, and for the environment.

Here's a fun styling tip for super straight and fine hair to add some mermaid waves: 

For medium to slightly longer length hair, apply a quarter-sized dollop through damp hair and braid tightly (one long straight classic braid) and leave in overnight. In the morning, undo the braid for naturally crimped, wavy, soft hair.

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