Tips to Cultivate Self-Love

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In celebration of love, here are some simple self-care tips to cultivate a self-love ritual. Take time this Valentine's Day to care for your body's physical, emotional, and mental needs. After all, all other types of love spring from self-love.

Move your body!

Whether it's dance, swimming, or hiking, find what feels good for your body and let loose! Moving helps energize the body, release tension, boost immunity, and bring clarity of mind. Joyfully expressing yourself through movement helps deepen the connection to your body.

Have a mindful meal.

Prepare delicious food that is fresh, seasonal, and easy to digest. A balanced meal should give nourishment and energy. Remember, you are what eat, and how you eat is just as important! Create a meal time ritual with gratitude and reverence: light candles, adorn the table with pretty cloth napkins, add a bouquet of fresh flowers, or say a blessing.

Take a bath, or pamper yourself.

Taking extra special care of our bodies and appearance isn't a vain pursuit. Feeling and looking our best make us more calm, confident and happy in daily life. 

Meditate or just breathe.

If there's no time for anything else at all, simply take a few moments to bring your attention to your breath. As you inhale, say, yes, to life, visualizing light entering your body. With each exhalation, release any limitations or restrictions in the body. 

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