DIY Wrap Crown Braid

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This DIY style might take a little practice, but once you get it down, you can have a fancy crown anytime you want! It's perfect to get your hair off your neck and beat the heat in the summer. It only works for long hair, but we will share some braiding styles for shorter hair throughout the summer.



Step 1:

At the center of the back of your head, part hair evenly in 2 sections. Make sure hair is combed or brushed and tangle free. Begin from the nape of your neck on one side from the back of your head, pick out three good size chunks of hair and begin braiding. Keep braiding perpendicular to back center part.

Step 2:

Keeping braiding up towards face and start incorporating more hair into braid so it angles up over your ear and uses all hair on that side.

Step 3:

Keep braiding over the crown of your head and down towards the other ear, while continuing to incorporate new hair. You might need to reposition arms and tilt head forward, but make sure not to lose the three sections.

Step 4:

Keeping braiding past other ear incorporating hair from that side until you reach back center part and all hair is incorporated into braid. Secure with elastic.

Step 5:

Pick up your long braid and wrap it around past origin and secure under crown braid to hide elastic.

Step 6:

Use pins to secure the end of braid in place and adjust any parts if necessary.

Step 7:

Use our Mermaid Hair Oil to smooth any pieces or tame flyaways, while adding shine to hair. If you want, spritz with one of our Sea Salt Shimmer Hair Sprays (Golden Waves, Rose Gold Sunset or Silver Fox) to add a subtle bit of shimmer and lots of shine to your crown!

Off you go, Queen!

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