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East African Nilotica Shea Butter

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east african nilotica shea butter

What is Shea Butter? 

Extracted from the nut of the African Shea Tree, shea butter has been used traditionally for thousands of years, and was even a favorite of Cleopatra. Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals and intensely moisturizing, it provides long-lasting nourishment.

Where is Shea Butter Sourced?

We are so proud to have secured a partnership with a cooperative supplier of East African Nilotica shea butter in Uganda. Friend, entrepreneur, and healer, Ssanyu Birigwa, has a personal history and vision to change the economy and improve the lives of Ugandan women by providing a fair wage for their work in harvesting this precious resource and supplying beauty companies like Captain Blankenship with luxurious, cold-pressed, organic shea butter.

East African Nilotica is known for its higher percentage of fatty acids, high levels of Vitamin A and E content, and (the reason we choose it) it needs no processing so it can be enjoyed in its rawest, purest form.


Ssanyu's roots in Uganda date back to spending summers there, as a child, with her family. 

"My father came from a small village in Uganda to the United States as an immigrant in the early 1970’s. I spent my middle school years in Kenya and summers in Uganda where I saw first-hand the country's struggle in delivering quality healthcare. In 2007, on a research trip to Lira, in Northern Uganda, I had the opportunity to sit with women who shared with me some of their struggles of the post-civil conflict. Many of these women were coping with family members living with AIDS/HIV, scarcity of water, unemployment, lack of funds to educate their children, and difficulties in accessing adequate healthcare services."

In 2008, Ssanyu co-founded the Peace & Happiness Foundation in efforts to advocate for women and children. Her mission includes a dedication to the economic and social stability of the underprivileged communities of Northern Ugandan communities through fair trade business. Her personal philosophy of every human being's right to healthcare, economic stability, and creative expression, is embedded in her goal to raise awareness for initiatives that empower, educate, and strengthen individuals while restoring communities. 

Captain Blankenship is honored to collaborate in this fair trade business venture that is aligned with our own values of improving our world together. 

To read more about Ssanyu and her healing safari retreats in Kenya, please visit her website.


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