LA Stylist Creates Beachy Mermaid Waves

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Michelle Schindler is a Los Angeles based hair stylist whose short list of clientele include Ethan Hawke, Tracey Ullman, Michael Keaton, Sibi Bale, Anthony Mackie and Seth Macfarlane. She is also a clean beauty lover! 
"I love Captain Blankenship’s products because they are un-fussy and create a natural look, without looking over-styled. They’re scented with essential oils so they smell amazing and put you in a great mood right at the first spritz. I often recommend them for use in your daily hair routine since they’re gentle but effective at reducing frizz, giving gentle hold and nourishing hair.
The undone, lived-in, beach wave is one of the most popular looks right now. This tousled, chill, straight-from-the-beach hair can be achieved easily with Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid Hair Oil, Sea Salt Hair Spray of your choice (either original, Golden Waves or Rose Gold Sunset), and Mermaid Dry Shampoo."

-Michelle Schindler, LA Stylist

Step 1: 

Apply Mermaid Hair Oil on either wet or dry hair. If the hair is wet, apply 5-7 drops (depending on hair length and texture) in your hands, rub them together and work through the hair. Either let it air dry or blow dry it in. If the hair is dry, apply 2-5 drops (depending on hair length and texture) in your hands, rub them together, and work through the hair. I still like to rough blow-dry the oil in, even on dry hair.


Step 2: 

Depending on hair length, use a 1-1 and 3/4 inch barrel curling wand. I like a wand better than a curling iron with a clamp because it creates a more natural wave versus a tight curl. Section the hair horizontally, into a horse shoe shape starting from the nape of the neck, working up to the top of the head. Take one inch vertical sections and wrap the hair, alternating directions. The direction of the waves and the way the iron is held is the most important part of the process. Everything around the face goes back, meaning the iron will be on top of the hair. Everything else will alternate forwards (hair will be on top of the iron) and backwards (iron will be on top of hair). Hold onto the last half inch of hair and do not wrap it. When releasing the hair from the iron, pull down on the end that was left out so the wave doesn’t settle too tightly. Keep this pattern going until the whole head is complete.


Step 3: 

Let the waves cool for a few seconds, then mist them with your Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray.


Step 4:

Shake out the waves by running your fingers through them and lightly combing them out. This is the part where most people get scared, but don’t! You can’t ruin the look. It gets better the more it is tousled and messed with.


Step 5:

Apply Mermaid Dry Shampoo to the roots for some extra volume, flip your head over, give it another shake and voila! You have perfectly imperfect lived in beach waves.

This look can be touched up daily, in-between washes. For touch ups, just look and see where the wave needs to be enhanced with the iron, flip your head over, add some Mermaid Dry Shampoo and if need be a little spritz of Sea Salt Hair Spray.

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