Sea Salt Green Detox Bath

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hand pouring green salt mixture into a bath

It's been a long road loves. This Valentine's Day, give yourself or your love a chance to relax and restore. Emerald Sea Detox Bath from Jana’s new book, Wild Beauty is a great DIY gift for yourself or someone you love 🛁 Nourishing sea kelp stimulates blood flow and draws impurities out of skin. Antioxidant-rich spirulina fights free radicals, retains moisture, and creates a beautiful jade-green hue over the bath. Epsom salt relieves tired muscles and eliminates toxins, while mineral-rich sea salt balances skin moisture and improves circulation. Get the recipe below or buy the book. When you buy with us, you’ll get a signed copy. 💚⁠

Emerald Detox Bath
courtesy of Wild Beauty by Jana Blankenship⁠



1 cup sea salt⁠
1 cup Epsom salt⁠
2 tablespoons green clay or bentonite clay⁠
1⁄4 cup kelp powder⁠
1⁄4 cup spirulina powder⁠
20 drops eucalyptus or lemongrass essential oil⁠


16-ounce jar with lid⁠

Mix all ingredients together in bowl and stir well. Spoon into jar and close with lid.⁠

Use ¼ to ½ cup per bath or as desired. Will keep fresh for up to a year.⁠

For more DIY recipes, shop Wild Beauty, by Jana Blankenship.

wild beauty by jana blankenship

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