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Captain's Log: Captain Blankenship Blog


During these fast-paced days of autumn, it can be difficult to slow down and take time to nourish ourselves on a daily basis. Now that the cool, dry weather is upon us here in the Hudson Valley, our skin is beginning to show signs of needing more hydration as we transition into colder seasons. By including a simple ritual, such as applying Captain Blankenship’s luxurious Sunshine Cream in a loving way to the skin, we are given an opportunity to bring our attention inward, nurturing and caring for our bodies and minds.

This unique blend of organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and rosehip seed oil, provides skin with deep moisture, nourishment, and a luminous glow. Physiologically, the simple act of self-massage with this buttery cream calms the nervous system and sends a message of safety and healing to the entire body. We believe that by enhancing our daily beauty routines to include an intention for self-care, one can create a firm foundation for centering ourselves in self-love. By allowing this practice to take root, this grounding ritual can become an anchor or compass to guide us toward more practices that are nourishing and true for ourselves. Let Sunshine Cream in, and be bright and shiny, both inside and out!