Fall Flower Magic with Meadowwilds

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Rebekah Mindel and I met 5 years ago just down the road from my house at Old Ford Farm. I remember the first time I saw Rebekah, standing behind bouquets of beautiful flowers she had grown and seeing her warm smile, which could light up a darkened sky. Her passion and love for flowers is so clear in her work.

Based in the Hudson Valley, Rebekah's company Meadow Wilds is located in High Falls, where she maintains her flower farm and floral design studio. We recently visited her on the land to enjoy the beautiful flowers. Her favorite flower is a rose and we got to sniff some gorgeous ones together on her farm. She and I both lost our fathers and roses are a powerful ally for grief.

Rebekah makes floral magic for weddings and events. She also runs a flower CSA which will be sunshine to your life. Just looking at a bouquet of her work you see a microcosm of her passion and generosity.

The flowers are grown with love and harvested with intention. The way they are woven together, play against each other and support each other in her creations, means each bouquet is truly a work of art. For more about Rebekah and Meadow Wilds, please check out her website.

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