Inspiration: Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray

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Inspiration for our best-selling Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray from our Captain:  

"Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray was one of our first products. It is also my ongoing obsession!

As a child, I watched the movie Splash and wanted to be a mermaid. As a teenager, I used a popular surf spray to get mermaid hair whose ingredients left something to be desired. When I started making my own products, I wanted to create a texturizing spray made with organic ingredients that effectively added beach waves and smelled amazing."

"After many tries, the formula evolved into water, sea salt and four organic ingredients: organic aloe vera for hydration and gentle hold, organic sea kelp extract to hair, promote scalp health and hair strength, and organic essential oils of rose geranium and palmarosa for a wild, breezy, beachy-rose scent that gently lingers. It adds life and beachy texture to hair with no nasties. The classic Sea Salt Hair Spray has been a staple in the line from the beginning. It's one that I use every day to enliven my hair and evoke the sun, surf and wind of a day at the beach"

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