Oil Cleansing for Pregnancy Dry Skin

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This month's staff pick comes to us from Karen Holly, marketing maven and newly pregnant mama. Karen has been with Captain Blankenship for 7 months, and has worked with many natural and organic food, beauty, and lifestyle brands. She is a somewhat recent transplant to the Hudson Valley, and before that a lifelong New York City dweller. 

"As all you mamas know, each pregnancy comes with new and curious symptoms and side effects. I'm experiencing really intense dry skin in this phase of pregnancy, and nowhere does this bother me more than on my face. Because of this, I've become totally addicted to OIL. I normally use Deep Blue Face Moisturizer, daily but lately I still crave more moisture.   

The only thing that gives me a deep, lasting, moisture-lock is the oil cleansing method, using our Sailor Gentle Tides Cleansing Oil, explained below. This method seems to be everywhere, and the Gentle Tides is the perfect blend of oils for it. I love to do this daily as a bedtime ritual and makeup-removal process or right in the shower. It helps protect dry skin from hot water that can dry out skin even more, and actually turns the hot water into an asset as it helps the oil penetrate more deeply. Don't skip pressing the cloth on your face, as the warmth also helps open up sinuses and relieve headaches." 
1. Use an oil based cleanser, like Sailor by Captain Blankenship Gentle Tides Cleansing Oil to remove all makeup and dirt from face using a cotton round or cloth. I love this oil because the jojoba and carrot seed are deeply moisturizing and nourishing to the skin and it doubles as a makeup remover. 

2. Add a touch more of the cleansing oil to now-clean face and massage into skin with a circular motion. 

3. The most important step! Run a wash cloth under hot water and wring. Place the warm cloth over face and press deeply, allowing the oil to penetrate into pores. Use the cloth to remove any excess oil from skin using a light, circular motion. 

4. Rinse - if you want to. I tend to leave the oil on my skin at nighttime to allow it to more deeply moisturize. When I wake up, my skin is soft as a baby's bottom. In the morning, I rinse, and then apply Deep Blue Face Moisturizer. It’s a fantastic way to hydrate, and light enough to use multiple times throughout the day, too.
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