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Woman with her two children in pool.
Alexandra Dowling Lari - VP of Sales, Mom to Alexander, 3 and James, 1. Lives in NYC, residing in Quogue, Long Island for quarantine.
"If I can’t remember what day it is, I certainly can’t remember the last time I washed my hair... so the most essential and hardest working product in my house is our Mermaid Dry Shampoo."
"I also love my soft Lake pajama sets. They are perfect for lounging all day."
Lake Pajamas Poplin Shorts Set in Light PinkCaptain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo
Casamigos Tequila
Casamigos Tequila, Sailor by Captain Blankenship Gentle Tides Cleaning Oil & Makeup Remover
Casamigos for all the homeschooling, cleaning, laundry and extra time with my husband. 😂Our cleansing oil works double duty to take my makeup off and softly cleanse my skin.
Woman with her two children

Karen Holly - Marketing, Mom to Nathaniel, 3 and Winona, 8 months. Lives in the Hudson Valley.

"If I'm in pajamas all day, I at least try to pass them off as something that could be worn in public. I actually bought this Dwell and Slumber gown for the birth of my daughter, but loved it so much I ended up buying a few more and wearing them for lounge clothes.

My husband has done me the great service of learning to bake bread during quarantine. He's using The Italian Baker as his guide and the results are delicious."

Dwell and Slumber Nightgown, The Italian Baker, Carol Field.
Dwell & Slumber Valencia Cocoon Dress, The Italian Baker, Carol Field.
Captain Blankenship All-Natural Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils
Captain Blankenship Hand Sanitizer, 4oz or 2oz
Jana quickly formulated this hand sanitizer to fill the need for a hand sanitizer that doesn't smell so medical, and contains real essential oils to lift your mood while killing germs. It also won't dry out your hands as quickly. My son calls it his "super spray."
Jana Blankenship with her children


Jana Blankenship - CEO and Founder, Mom to Mila, 6 and Caspian, 4, Lives in the Hudson Valley.

"I’m not gonna lie, it has been challenging home schooling, working and staying sane. I have been finding so much solace in exercise and meditation right now. Often it is with the kids trying to build a fort on my yoga mat or using weights while teaching them, but I’m making it a priority to fit it in where I can and get creative."

"I love this crop top from Outdoor Voices that doubles as a bra. Have it in a few colors and have been wearing it nonstop with a shirt over it or not." 

"Obsessed with these amazing and beautifully designed weights from Equipt Movement. They are a constant accessory on my ankles and wrists. I wear them all day long so I can be working out while chasing kids."


Equipt Vegan Leather cuffs, Outdoor Voices Crop Top
Equipt Movement Vegan Leather Wrist WeightsOutdoor Voices Crop Top
Essentials from Captain Blankenship

"Our deodorant was one of our earliest products and I am still totally in love with it. Even something as mundane as deodorant should be a pleasure to use. It’s hard working and smells so good. Relishing in the simple things right now."

"I have been washing my hands a lot like everyone else and love that our soap is effective but gentle and doesn’t dry your skin out. I also love using it in the shower with our sea sponge."



Allie Wightman and her kids

Allie Wightman, Accounting. Mom to Jax, 7 months, Lives in NYC, quarantined in Florida.

 "I have a lot of hair and find that it has been super dry, and treating myself to a scalp massage with Mermaid Hair Oil helps to reduce my stress, and makes my hair extra shiny."

"Warby Parker Florie Sunglasses - my last purchase at a retail store before everything shut down. I had so much fun that day buying them, and I feel glamorous when I wear them on my morning walks with Jax."

Mermaid Hair Oil, Warby Parker Sunglasses
Ida Jumpsuit, Versano's Chocolate
Revisited Ida Jumpsuit; Versano's Salty Almond Chocolate Bark

"Jumpsuits!! I lived in the Ida from Revisited when I was pregnant and now an easy go-to while in quarantine." 

"The thing I miss the most from NYC is the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Bark from Varsano's. That would make my mom’s day!"

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