6 Sustainable Swaps to Reduce Waste

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Looking for ways to make more sustainable choices this Earth Day? Most of us have made the shift and are in the habit of remembering our reusable grocery bags, but how else can we minimize plastic and the unnecessary packaging of the shopping experience? Check out these “sustainable swaps” featuring some amazing brands we love:

Buy in Bulk.

What staples do you use regularly that can be purchased in bulk? Package-free shopping is easier than ever. Trail mix, granolas, coffee, beans, rice, pasta, and grains are commonly found in bulk at most major grocery stores. At co-ops and many health food stores, you can also find laundry and dish soap, honey, oils, and nut butter along with many non-toxic personal care items. Other common beverages such as kombucha, beer, and wine on tap are widely available in cafes and some craft bars and grocery stores. Just bring your own containers! For those who prefer to shop online, browse The Package Free Shop.


Replace Plastic Wrap and Ziploc Bags

Save the bees and sea turtles by switching to the beautifully designed Bee's Wrap that’s reusable, washable, and compostable. Replace plastic sandwich bags with Stasher bags, reusable silicone pouches that store leftover veggies, lunch snacks and even toiletries.   

Reuse Water Bottles and Thermoses

We love the functionality and values of fellow B Corp and 1% for the Planet company, Klean KanteenThis amazing family-owned business offers stainless steel bottles, thermoses, food canisters, straws, and a lifetime guarantee!


Buy a Biodegradable Phone Case

Next time you need a case to protect your phone, opt for a 100% compostable one, like PelaCase.

Ditch the Plastic Toothbrushes

Try biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes with plant-based bristles or participate in an oral care reclamation program such as the one that Colgate offers through Terracycle to keep plastics out of the landfill.

Be a Change-Maker

Chances are you are not the only one in your community who is concerned about the global waste crisis. Reach out on social media to find local groups you can work with to improve waste management and recycling programs in your area. Currently, there are many petitions circulating around to reduce or eliminate unnecessary plastic bags from supermarkets. Recently Trader Joes announced phasing out all single-use plastic from its stores, nationwide, as a result of a consumer petition. Write letters or emails to companies that are wasteful in the packaging of their products. Your voice does matter!

Every day when you leave the house, consider taking with you: a thermal coffee mug, a water bottle,  a food container, and a cloth bag. These items can help eliminate a situation where you are faced with choosing a disposable alternative. Every decision you make in your daily life has an impact. Although it is certainly a challenge to go zero waste and it may seem extreme to most people, every small effort that you can take towards minimizing waste can have a great impact long term.

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