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Bathing Rituals

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Many are familiar with the transformative, calming, and gently meditative qualities of the ocean. The therapeutic benefits of taking a warm, salt bath are quite similar! The healing power of saltwater has been known for centuries and incorporated into cultures that value a deeply cleansed body and calm mind. Soaking for a minimum of 10-15 minutes allows the body and mind a chance to escape the stimuli of the outside world and mindfully relax. One can create their own oasis of healing with our bath salts available in three distinctively engaging essential oil blends. Try the uplifting floral and citrus scent of Orla, the woodsy fresh and clearing notes of Rusalka, and our celestial blend, Sky Dancer. The minerals present in epsom salts, when dissolved in a hot bath, have the amazing ability to detoxify the body, relax the muscles, and soften skin.

No time for a bath? Or feeling as though skin is especially dry? Lime & Coconut Salty Sweet Body Scrub exfoliates rough, dead cells away leaving skin super smooth. Both sugar and salt combine in fine and coarse grains to slough and soften skin. Follow with a warm shower to rinse away scrub and allow the pores to open. The oils of organic coconut, sunflower, and shea butter penetrate and provide a natural moisture barrier, leaving skin deeply nourished and silky soft.