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For most of us, the energy consumed in our homes is the largest contributor to our carbon footprint. From LED light bulbs to air-drying laundry in the summer, there are many little things we can do to be more energy conscious. For the electricity you do use, consider making the switch to solar. It is easy, socially responsible and financially rewarding. My husband Levi works for SolarCity/Tesla Energy, a leader in solar power, energy storage batteries and, of course, also the maker of beautiful electric cars.


Speaking of cars, I just returned from visiting my brother in Holland and was so inspired by the energy consciousness and quality of life there. The main mode of transport is bike and often you will see as many as 4 kids riding or being towed on a bike by an adult. The local trains are powered by renewable energy and electric cars are everywhere (including Taxi Cabs driving Tesla's!)
Try to drive less regularly. Consolidate trips. Bike. Walk. Skateboard. And, if you must drive, consider an electric car. Tesla is releasing their most affordable car yet in 2018, the Model 3.


In Michael Pollan's words, eat "Not too much. Mostly plants." Vegan followed by vegetarian diets are the least damaging to our planet. If you are an omnivore, support small local farms for your meat. Factory farms are not only inhumane, but they contribute 37% of the world's methane emissions (as well as contaminating water supply, significantly contributing to deforestation, supporting dangerous monocultures and consuming staggering amounts of energy). 
And always look to support your local farmers by buying your produce and other food directly from them. Not only does this mean that you are helping your local economy thrive, but you are also decreasing the footprint of the food you eat. Join a CSA this summer and revel in the bounty of the season. I feel truly lucky to have a farm literally at the end of our road. The sign outside the farmstand this week, announcing the first spinach of the year, made me do a little dance of joy.