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Natural skin care can become an expensive habit very quickly. Face oils, oil cleansers, and 
10-step K-beauty skin care regimens—but even seemingly simple one-off products that you buy "just to try" or at the last part of the checkout line—can add up. Face oils are one of the most common preservative-free beauty products because they are anhydrous, meaning they don't contain any water. For this reason, they're a good investment that will last a while. Switching to face oils from moisturizers is a standard first step in making the jump to naturals. If you're looking for a more economically sustainable and natural skin care routine.

Captain Blankenship Rose & Pomegranate Face Oil

A little goes a long way with this super-concentrated, eight-ingredient face oil blend by mermaid hair mainstay Captain Blankenship. The rose scent is intoxicating and is known to lift spirits—what the rose oil can do for our mood, pomegranate oil can do for the complexion thanks to its high antioxidant content. It's an excellent choice if you're looking to protect your skin from pollution.
Rose & Pomegranate Face Oil, Captain Blankenship, $38



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