Mermaid Dry Shampoo

A miracle worker. Our talc-free dry shampoo is the perfect solution to lifeless, unwashed hair. A powerful combination of powders absorbs oil, adds volume and gives life to your hair, plus it smells like wild roses and an ocean breeze. Yes, please. Sprinkle a little in whenever your hair needs an instant pick me up. The simple but effective formula made with organic ingredients and compostable tube is good for you and the environment unlike aerosol formulas and packaging.

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Tangerine oil
Ingredients Spotlight

Organic Arrowroot Powder & Organic Glacial Bay Marine Clay
Absorb oil, mattify greasy hair and add volume

Aluminum Free Baking Soda
Absorbs oil, fights odor and freshens hair

Organic Essential Oils of Rose Geranium and Palmarosa
Smell naturally like a rosy sea breeze

How to Use

Use Mermaid Dry Shampoo after a workout, when you wake up with "bed head" or to extend the time between washes.

Sprinkle a bit on hands or directly onto roots and work in with your fingertips. Flip hair to cover all oily spots. You can use a brush or fingertips to blend. We recommend use 2-3 times per week as needed.

Does not damage hair and scalp like aerosol dry shampoos, so can be used more often. Will also give your flat or fine hair volume!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews


Love it !

This product works well with my baby fine , thin hair . It has the best scent and I am super happy with my purchase


This powder smells so good in my hair! I love using it. Fresh, not overpowering and my hair looks amazing, for a few days! Thank you Capt. Blankenship!

Decent Dry Shampoo

I generally like this dry shampoo - it doesn’t leave a residue or smell too strongly (though it does have a powdery scent), and it works if you give it some time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have that immediate effect we all want, but it’s workable if you can put it in the night before!

Favorite Dry Shampoo EVER

I've used many different brands of dry shampoo to find out what worked best for me. The sprays make me nervous as I feel like I'm just breathing it all in, others that are pumped mechanically are essentially the same. I love that I can shake a little of this dry shampoo into my palm or directly onto my hair. It smells fantastic and comes in a beautiful container. I've tried expensive brands that claim to be top notch but this one really is.

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