Mermaid Hair Oil

$ 26.00

1 oz blue glass dropper bottle

A divine combination of light but deeply nourishing organic plant oils adds luster, moisture and smoothness to locks. This precious oil is a delicious cocktail of vitamins for your tresses that instantly transforms your mane, adding life and shine without weighing it down or making it greasy. Shampooing and weather can leave your hair dry and ends brittle, our hair oil will replenish your hair and leave it shiny, healthy and more manageable. It is also a perfect remedy for frizzy hair or can be used as a leave in hair and scalp treatment. Mermaid Hair Oil has a wild, uplifting coastal scent that will fill your senses with delight.

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Essential Oils
Ingredients Spotlight

Camellia Seed Oil 
Prized for centuries for use on hair for it's hydrating and nourishing properties.

Organic Argan Oil aka Liquid Gold
Naturally rich in beneficial minerals and vitamins that nourish both hair and scalp.

Organic Jojoba Oil
The perfect oil to hydrate our hair and scalp as it is the closest oil to our own natural sebum.

How to Use

Rub a few drops into palms and work throughout ends of damp or dry hair. Can also be used to tame frizz and keep hairdos in place. A little goes a long way. Begin with one drop and work up to desired level to avoid over-hydrating.

For a deeply nourishing and invigorating hair and scalp treatment, work oil into roots and throughout dry hair. Leave on for a few hours or overnight, wash and conditioner as usual.

Customer Reviews

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miranda belansky

Mermaid Hair Oil

Michele nilsen
I'm in love

This product is AMAZING. Mermaid hair is absolutely right - my hair has never looked better.

Worth it - a little goes a long way with this versatile product

I have a lot of fine textured hair that's got some natural white streaks, so it can be coarse in places and incredibly slippery in others; finding the right conditioning formula can be tricky. When I tried using this oil as a leave-in treatment, it was too much for my fine hair. I switched to using just half a dropper mixed into my conditioner every few days, and my ends are already looking so much better. I keep it in the shower and after I shampoo with the Sea Shine, I mix the Mermaid Oil into the Sea Shine conditioner, comb it through, and let it sit for a few minutes. Since I started regularly deep conditioning with the oil, I find that I don't need any sort of leave-in conditioner before styling, my hair takes heat treatment much better, my split ends are smoothing out, and I can go a few days between blowouts without getting too oily (that last part is also attributable to switching to the Sea Shine Shampoo) or even needing dry shampoo. This hair oil is well-blended and aromatic without being overpowering, but its effective formula is the real value. Because even half a dropper of this oil is plenty for my long hair, this bottle will last me a long time.

A niche product like this is worth every penny. Please don't change this formula!

TautuLÄh Pamaran
Mermaid Hair Oil to the Rescue

This stuff is great and my hair loves it. And soaks it up. It has made may hair shiny and silky as well as hydrated. Thank you Captain Blankenship! ♥️🤗

Wynne Kwan
Mermaid Hair Oil is amazing

I massage the hair oil into my hair and scalps after washing my hair. And my hair always looks awesome afterwards - since my hair is layered, the hair oil makes it look piecey, bed-headish, and beachy, in a really good way. My hair is also really soft when i have it in. The smell is great too!

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