Rose Gold Sunset Sea Salt Shimmer Spray

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Our original Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray gets rose gold! It's our same classic organic Sea Salt Hair Spray formula but with added natural, responsibly sourced mica for beautiful shimmer. This rose gold magic works well on all hair colors, adding life, shine, and texture to your tresses. For blonde or white hair, can add a strawberry blond sheen. 

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Aloe Vera
Ingredients Spotlight

Organic Aloe Vera 
Adds moisture and light hold to hair

Organic Sea Kelp Extract
Naturally rich in beneficial minerals and vitamins that nourish both hair and scalp

Natural, Responsibly Sourced Mica
Adds subtle rose gold shimmer

How to Use

Spray generously all over hair when wet or dry, tousle and style. Natural separation of mica will occur, shake well before use.

Rose Gold Sunset

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I have long, wavy strawberry blonde hair, and this product gives it a boost of vibrance! It also gives my waves more volume and definition! I think it would show up best on lighter hair. It smells quite floral, which I like, but some people might not. I was worried when I got some on my sweater, but it washed out easily.

Best Hair Product Ever!

I just ordered my second bottle of Golden Waves, but added Rose Gold Sunset Sea Salt Shimmer as well this time. OH MY! I have received many compliments and even had people ask where I have my hair done. Gives wonderful wave and separation to my hair. Also, strangely enough, my dog loves it! When he hears me spritz it on he runs in to take part when I dry my hair. (To be fair, he loves the Golden Waves too!)

Easy and beautiful

Love this product, I spray it in my hair while wet, scrunch and twirl and let it air dry. Super easy and great results. Smells great too.

Great beachy curls

I absolutely love the smell, and it really liven up my curls with just a few sprays. The mica isn't really detectable, which was kind of disappointing. Every once in a while I'll see a little glimmer right after I spray it, but otherwise, not much. Might be different in the sunlight as opposed to the bathroom mirror during quarantine... I'd still recommend it though!

Enjoying a rose golden seaside sunset while sheltering in place

I've only used it a couple of times, but I love the smell and the waves the spray adds to my hair. I haven't been able to check as to whether it adds shimmer to my hair or not. I don't notice it in the mirror, but it may be different in the sun.