Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray

Our original Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray gets golden! It's our same classic organic Sea Salt Hair Spray formula but with added responsibly sourced gold mica for beautiful shimmer. This golden magic works well on all hair colors, adding life, shine, and strength to your tresses. Stroll through a sunbeam and watch your organic glam make heads turn!

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Golden waves bottle coming out of a ripple of water.
Ingredients Spotlight

Organic Essential Oils of Rose Geranium and Palmarosa
Conjure wild roses and an ocean breeze

Responsibly Sourced Gold Mica 
Adds subtle golden shimmer and shine

Atlantic Sea Salt
Adds texture and gentle beach waves to hair

How to Use

Spray generously all over hair when wet or dry, tousle, scrunch and style. Adds subtle shimmer when in sunlight to all shades of hair.

Natural separation of mica will occur, shake well before use.

Golden Waves

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
nancy belansky
Love the Gold

I have used the sea salt spray almost daily for a couple of months so decided to try the Golden Waves Shimmer Spray. As the name suggests, this product gives a light, beautiful golden glisten to my blonde hair. I just spritz it on and scrunch with my hand. Great product! So far, not one of their products has disappointed!


This Golden waves sea salt spray is wonderful. It leaves my hair with gold tone shine all around , subtle golden tones which I prefer. Smells good too!

Jen Lucas
Great stuff!

I really love this shimmer spray! It really brightens up my highlights and leaves my hair the perfect texture.

Emilie Filipek
Works but Bad Design

Bought this from Anthropologie and even though I LOVE it, the sprayer clogged and stopped working after the first use. I tried rinsing it out and cleaning it but it just won’t work anymore. Sad because I truly love the product!

Hello! We're sorry to hear this, we would be so happy to send you a new sprayer. Did you shake the product well before use? Sometimes this can help prevent clogging. Sometimes it's just a bad sprayer. Let us know if we can send one your way!

Melissa K
Amazing product for waves

This product is the first (and only) product I’ve found that makes me enjoy my naturally wavy/curly hair. It’s perfect for summer humidity and heat, simplifying my haircare routine. I wish this product would have existed when I was a teenager! Highly recommend!