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"I feel like this shampoo really cleans the scalp as well- I definitely needed the conditioner that matches - since my hair is color-treated. The conditioner was wonderful too! But most amazing was the hair oil sample- smells divine! "

"This product is the first (and only) product I’ve found that makes me enjoy my naturally wavy/curly hair. It’s perfect for summer humidity and heat, simplifying my haircare routine. I wish this product would have existed when I was a teenager! Highly recommend!"

- Melissa K.

Hair & Scalp Serum

"This wonderful product provides your hair with freshness between shampoos without the residue buildup of sprays, and actually adds volume. So lovely the scent, similar to geranium but soft and never overpowering. This dry shampoo simply works!"

- Sabrina K.

Dry Shampoo

"These products perform as promised! The conditioner in particular is super good. My hair is extra soft and shiny. It has body and definition but is not static-y and feels moisturized. (I have fine, wavy hair.) They are pricey but they work. I will be trying their hair oil next."

"I massage the hair oil into my hair and scalp after washing my hair. And my hair always looks awesome afterwards - since my hair is layered, the hair oil makes it look piecey, bed-headish, and beachy, in a really good way. My hair is also really soft when I have it in. The smell is great too!"

- Wynne K.

Hair & Scalp Serum

"Wild Beauty is like a love song to nature that brings the wonder and wisdom of the natural world to our fingertips, connecting us with the ways we can bring plants into our daily rituals for a more healthy, harmonious life."

- Kirsty Hume, Model and Environmental Advocate

Wild Beauty Book

Maine Coast seaweed with synthetic mica flecks Captain Blankenship

Born From the Earth

Every hand-crafted formula is made with time-tested, sustainable ingredients that do not promise the impossible, but rather promote the inherent intelligence of nature to illuminate the wild beauty of hair.

We directly source from trusted farms, and consciously choose suppliers that practice earth-first policies. We are devoted to a fair and equitable supply chain to maintain transparency and preserve the potency of our ingredients from harvest to bottle.

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Wild With Intention

We choose to be a force of good in the world - for our planet and for each other. Our mission is to bring humanity closer to the natural world by advocating for its preservation and celebrating its wild beauty.

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Wild At Heart

Author. Artist. Herbalist. Formulator.

Jana’s journey has always been one of curiosity and creation. Her passion for celebrating and sharing the inherent intelligence of nature remains ever-present in her books, her brand, and her philanthropic mission.

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