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Into The Wild

From the sun-drenched hills of Southern California, heading north to the remote regions of British Columbia, and across the wild sea to the warmth of Sri Lanka - we have searched the globe seeking the natural world’s most unadulterated and sustainable ingredients, selecting those with abundant, time-tested benefits for both hair and scalp health.

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We intentionally source ingredients grown with sustainable farming practices. We choose to formulate with plants and minerals that have been used by cultures throughout time for their healing and beneficial qualities for scalp and hair health. We do not use rare or trendy ingredients, and avoid contributing to over harvesting and unsustainable farming practices.

Atlantic kelp seaweed benefits scalp and hair

Each botanical is carefully harvested, consciously produced, and meticulously preserved from the moment it leaves the earth to the time it lands in Captain Blankenship’s bottles.

Essential Oils

Consciously Sourced from South Africa
This oil is anti-inflammatory promotes beautiful skin and a calm mind. One of the most effective oils used to repel ticks. Renowned for its ability to balance sebum production and maintain hair’s integrity, it is an intentional selection for our Sea Salt Spray and Dry Shampoos.
Consciously sourced from Sri Lanka
Offers a beautiful floral citrus scent, both fresh and sweet.
Consciously Sourced from India
Native to India, this tropical plant offers a lemony-floral scent and superior moisture-retaining benefit to skin and hair. With an innate ability to balance natural sebum production and maintain hair’s integrity, it is an integral ingredient for our Sea Salt Sprays and Dry Shampoos.
Consciously Sourced from El Salvador
Native to India, this tropical plant offers a lemony-floral scent and superior moisture-retaining benefit to skin and hair. With an innate ability to balance natural sebum production and maintain hair’s integrity, it is an integral ingredient for our Sea Salt Sprays and Dry Shampoos.
Consciously Sourced from Canada
Derived through steam distillation of Balsam tree needles, this fragrant essential oil offers antibacterial, anti-fungal and astringent properties, making it effective at cleansing, detoxifying and balancing the microbiome. It also helps stimulate hair growth and soothe and calm an itchy, dry scalp.
Consciously Sourced from USA
With a warm, woodsy scent, this clarifying oil helps balance the oil on our skin and scalp. Known for its antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties, Cedarwood can help soothe an itchy, flaking scalp. It is also used as an insect repellant.
Consciously Sourced
This essential oil has a clean, woodsy scent. It is an effective skin and hair tonic. It is stimulating to the hair follicles, helping to stimulate hair growth.
Consciously Sourced from Mexico
With a bright, energizing aroma, this essential oil effectively balances oil, removes excess oil and leaves hair looking shiny and soft.
Consciously Sourced from India
Fresh, lemony and sweet, lemongrass helps clarify and balance oily skin. It helps strengthen hair follicles and can stimulate hair growth. It is an effective insect repellent.

Earth Friendly

Consciously created
Derived from Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, we chose a safe, sustainable synthetic gold mica to avoid contributing to the unfair labor concerns that often surround the mining of natural gold mica. This alternative is not only biodegradable, but actually delivers a more luminescent shine when used in hair formulas, like our Gold Sea Salt Shimmer Spray.

Raw Ingredients

Directly Sourced From California
A trip into the sun-drenched sands of Southern California brings us to soil rich with organic aloe vera. The bountiful sunlight born from California's sea-side climate culminates in the ideal environment for the moisture-rich aloe plant that thrives in warmer temperatures. Plants are hand-harvested from meticulously maintained fields that use minimal irrigation, and every leaf is lovingly doctored and cared for before being extracted from the earth in minimally invasive ways. Every ounce of aloe found in our products is sourced from Certified Organic farms, and the same care given to its harvest is taken with its transport. Aloe vera delivers unparalleled hydration and shine in our Shampoo, Conditioner, and Sea Salt Sprays.
Directly Sourced From Utah
In the picturesque mountains of Utah lies one of earth’s most precious minerals - and one of our most prized ingredients. Sea salt is harvested from solar-powered, fully regenerating mines forged in salt deposits left behind from the water of the ancient Sundance Sea. Shielded for millions of years under layers of volcanic ash and bentonite clay, the salt is naturally protected from pollutants and has maintained its richness for centuries, retaining over 60 trace minerals present in every piece. Every particle is unrefined - nothing ever added, but never a thing taken away. The maintenance of its natural integrity is what makes it one of the most sustainable and mineral-rich salts in the world. You'll find the raw serenity of ancient sea salt in both of our Sea Salt Sprays bringing texture, body, and gentle waves to your wild mane.
Consciously sourced from Morocco
Consciously sourced from Morocco, this oil is rich in vitamins A and E, high in antioxidants, Omega 6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. It’s effortlessly absorbed, making it ideal to deeply nourish skin and hair.
Consciously sourced
This light, silky starch absorbs excess oil and moisture. Find it in our talc-free dry shampoos for both light and dark hair shades.
Directly Sourced From Sri Lanka
Across the Arabian Sea, the small island of Sri Lanka sits off India’s southern Coast. Amongst the brilliant greenery in Kuliyapitiya, wild coconut is harvested and carefully dried. Organic coconut oil is then extracted through fully regenerative expeller-press processes that preserve the wet, tropical climate the coconut needs to grow. The moisture-dense coconut palm tree requires year round warmth and rainfall to grow well and bloom, and the dense humidity and hydration of Sri Lanka provides an optimal environment for it to blossom. Through regenerative practices including mulching, composting, and intercropping, the soil is enriched and biodiversity is promoted throughout every step of the harvesting process. This delicate, creamy oil not only brings soothing properties to our formulas, but also infuses its richly aromatic, vanilla-noted scent to every product it touches - like our Conditioner.
Consciously sourced from China
Consciously sourced from China, and prized for centuries in Japanese and Chinese cultures, camellia seed oil is a lightweight oil extracted from green tea that is easily absorbed by skin and hair. Naturally emollient camellia helps our hair's ability to retain moisture without weighing it down. It helps reduce scarring and soften lines in skin.
Consciously sourced
This ingredient helps stimulate circulation in the scalp, which aids in hair growth and helps prevent hair loss.
Directly Sourced From Arizona
In the dry landscape of Arizona, we uncover the precious jojoba oil, a nourishing agent that is the closest clone of our own natural sebum. It's mimicking qualities make it one of the most natural and powerful hydrators for both strands and scalp. Born from the seeds of the wild desert Jojoba shrub native to the southwest, this oil is extracted through cold-pressing to preserve potency. The dryness of this region creates an ideal growing environment for the drought-tolerant plant that can grow with as little as 3 inches of rain per year - eliminating the need for soil disruption from extensive irrigation. You'll find jojoba oil's deep nourishing powers in our Hair Serum - bringing unfiltered shine and silky, wild strands.
Directly Sourced From British Columbia
Nestled deep in the flowing mountain ranges of British Columbia is where you'll find the rich marine clay used in Captain Blankenship’s formulas. Mineral-dense with minimal traces of heavy metals, the clay is hand-harvested, solar-dried, and processed by human hands to ensure consistency in every batch. The unique rock formation that encases the clay mine rests beneath an active glacier, providing both a protective shield from outside influences, as well as creating an environment that can be replenished and restored after every harvest - leaving zero carbon footprint and taking nothing away from the Earth. Every ounce of marine clay that finds its way to our bottles is carefully preserved and protected to maintain its potency, so it can deliver purification and volume to hair in our Dry Shampoo powders.
Directly Sourced From Maine
Just north of the deep New England forests, the North Atlantic coast beckons with its wild waters and vast growth of natural seaweed and kelp. The plants the oceans produce require careful preservation and hand-harvesting, ensuring that each species of wild seaweed is extracted from the beds where they grow without disturbing the habitat in which they're born. Every piece procured in our blend is expertly harvested, immaculately preserved, and fully Certified Organic. Once they've reached our doorstep, they lose not an ounce of potency or ability to nourish hair, skin, and body. This blend of five seaweeds - atlantic wakame, oarweed, bladderwrack, rockweed, atlantic nori - is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. You'll find these powerful ocean plants in our Shampoo and Conditioner, Sea Salt Sprays, and Dry Shampoos.
Sourced From: Ugandan Collective
Off the coast and across the open ocean, we travel to Uganda for the delicate organic nilotica shea butter born from the shea nut. The nuts are extracted from the shea tree, a traditional African plant that grows wild in the dry savannah belt from Senegal to Ethiopia. From a Ugandan collective, we source unrefined shea butter extracted with no trace of chemical or preservative use. Naturally high in antioxidants and packed with essential vitamins A, D, and E, shea butter has celebrated healing and soothing qualities for both hair and skin. By selecting this unrefined shea butter for our formulas, we maintain its natural sweet, nutty scent so your senses can remain immersed in it when nourishing hair with our smooth-as-silk Conditioner. We selected this cooperative because we align with their advocacy and support for shea nut gatherers, focusing on fair wages for their work when harvesting this precious resource.
Directly Sourced From New England
We venture to the forests of New England for the organic witch hazel carefully selected for our fomrulas. These large shrubs and small, multi-stemmed trees prefer the rich, well-amended soil and regular rainfall found in New England's climate. Harvest begins in late October when the forests have already been overrun with the brilliant shades of fall and begin to shed their autumn skin. As the weather is getting colder at this time of year, the ground has begun to freeze, which gives foresters access to the crop with minimal potential for adverse impact on the forest grounds. Special care is taken to ensure the integrity of the plants before and after harvest. This balancing and gentle natural ingredient in our Conditioner helps control dandruff, while detangling and adding luster to hair.

Consciously Sourced Ingredients

Every ingredient we select is grown and extracted from locations where they thrive, using methods that consider the earth, and its people, first. Hover to learn more.