Beauty Wild With Nature

We are all explorers at heart. The urge to uncover truth and discover beauty is as natural as life itself. Immersion in wild waters, fields and forests is medicine for the soul, and it is our recipe for the rituals we share with you.

Since its inception, Captain Blankenship has been on a mission to create more beauty while leaving less waste behind. That means fewer ingredients, fewer products, conscious packaging and mutually beneficial partnerships that help restore natural resources that are lost along the way. As we continue our journey in a direction that sustains both people and planet, we deepen our purpose to be a wild force for good, curators of creation and students of nature’s unmatched intelligence.

Meet The Captain

I was a child who liked to make potions, maybe you were, too? I spent my days mixing roses, pine needles, and wild grasses in water - delighted by the scents and sensations of the natural world.

At 7 years old, I formulated my first fragrance secretly mixing several potent perfumes from my mother’s collection of vibrantly colored bottles. I still have it to this day. It remains ever-aromatic in a 1980’s era Giorgio bottle, adorned with a white office label where a child’s scribble notates its name, “Scents of Hawaii.” My first perfume awakened my creative instinct - and also left me with a lifelong sensitivity to synthetic fragrance. This penchant for alchemy and wonder of nature only deepened as I grew older.

Jana Blankenship, founder of plant-based haircare line Captain Blankenship

Throughout my childhood, I was surrounded by aesthetes and nature lovers, beginning with my mother. As a fashion designer, she lived a vibrant life creating beautiful garments made with stunning artisan fabrics she gathered from her travels around the world. My father influenced an appreciation for a more wild kind of beauty, encouraging me to spend time in the natural world running barefoot through the forests to feel the contours of the rocks and roots beneath my feet.

My grandmothers both influenced my love of plants in their own ways. My paternal grandmother’s reverence for her garden and the fearlessness of the tides shaped my impressionable young mind. My maternal grandmother had a background in folk herbalism and cosmetology that she graciously shared, teaching me how to use plant-based oils on my skin and hair.

When selecting materials, we seek to see the bigger picture. That means considering not just the first lifecycle of a product, but its many potential lifecycles.

It’s no wonder at all that I, too, became an artist and nature lover, forever seeking to capture the current that flows between the two. After many years of playing alchemist in my kitchen while balancing my work as a full time curator, Captain Blankenship was born in 2009. From the moment my passion project evolved into a brand, I have felt compelled to pioneer a new standard in beauty and business. My own personal call to the wild.

Through our formulas, I hope to free people from conventional ideas of beauty, guiding them into a deeper connection with nature where they can find their inner wild. Because it is through this inextricable, limitless connection to the world around us that we begin to see beauty in all its forms.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, the wild calls.