Small Beauty Brands Making a Difference for Our Planet

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New Beauty How Small Beauty Brands are Making a Difference for the Planet

Thank you to @NewBeauty for this feature on small beauty brands that are focused on ethical sourcing, packaging and formulas. 

"As the clean beauty landscape continues to grow, consumers have become savvier about what they want and don’t want from their personal-care products. Brands too have adopted a more sustainable approach to harvesting, responsibly sourcing ingredients, programs that give back to communities, and a reduced environmental footprint.“ It is incredible to see how the market has changed over the past decade and how educated the customer has become about both ingredients and packaging,” says Captain Blankenship founder Jana Blankenship. “People who value what they put in their bodies and where it comes from have taken the same approach to beauty. With the growth of the market, older ‘natural’ brands needed to rethink their formulations and packaging and new brands needed to really prove their commitment to clean ingredients and sustainability. You really need to walk the walk; it can’t just be all hype and marketing anymore.” 


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