I Tried 5 Natural Deodorants - Here's the One I Recommend

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If You're on a Budget…

Captain Blankenship Lime & Vetiver Cream Deodorant $16

The Scent: I'll admit that I had to google "vetiver" to discover that it's a type of grass native to India and known for its earthy, calming aroma. When paired with lime essential oils in this cream deodorant, it smells divine. (5/5)

The Ease of Application: I didn't think I'd enjoy rubbing cream on my underarms, but as it turns out, the practice is pretty underrated. (4/5)

The Level of Protection: This was hands down my favorite deodorant. Even after hour-long runs, I felt relatively dry and smelled surprisingly fresh. It's the one that got me over that 10K finish line without smelling terrible. (5/5)

The Price: While the price is double that of my clinical strength standby, a single jar contains about one and a half times as much product, making it a bang-for-my-buck buy. All the stars! (5/5)

Final Score: 19/20





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