Natural Oils for Hair Health


The best hair oils are nourishing without being greasy.

Whatever your hair type or hair care needs, there’s an oil out there. And once you find the right one, it’s a game changer.“

Hair oil has deep roots in Ayurvedic tradition and Indian culture,” says Lisa Mattam, founder of Sahajan. “Touted for everything from conditioning to preventing gray hair to relieving stress, the benefits are endless. I have deep memories of having my hair oiled as a child—it’s a ritual I am happy to continue to practice and now that I am older and can actually learn of the benefits, and I am thrilled at the results. Hair oils protect and maintain hydration in the hair by mimicking the natural action of sebum. They can restore dry, brittle hair and depending on application, can help with the health of the scalp as well.”

If your goal is lustrous mermaid hair, try an application of Captain Blankenship Mermaid Oil. A little goes a long way!

The enriching combination of organic plant oils—including argan, jojoba, kukui nut and pine needle—deliver smooth, silky locks that are healthier and more manageable.