4 DIY Dry Shampoo Recipes For Each Hair Color

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Although dry shampoo can be a savior, it also has a tendency to leave my scalp feeling clogged up and often leads to more hair loss when it's rinsed out. So in an effort to eliminate clogging of my scalp (and my bathroom cabinet), I tapped clean beauty expert Jana Blankenship to get her insights on how to recreate dry shampoo at home for every hair color (including brown and dark hair). "Instead of aerosol dry shampoos that contain ingredients like synthetic fragrance and butane and are bad for the environment," says Blankenship, "you can easily whip up a product in your kitchen that will work just as well and is better for your health and the health of the planet." And the best part of it all? These magic DIY dry shampoo recipes will keep for up to two years. Continue reading to get a DIY dry shampoo recipe that matches your hair color whether you're dark, light, gray, red, or somewhere in-between.


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