Wild Beauty Book - Signed Copy

Wild Beauty is one part practical guide and the other personal renaissance - woven together in one inspiring journey to help you uncover the power of the natural world and your inextricable connection with it.

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How To Use

A Call to the Wild

“What I seek to share isn’t the promise of the impossible, but the intelligence of nature. I believe that these oils, butters, and extracts from plants and minerals can help make our skin, hair, body and spirit healthier and more vibrant.” - Jana Blankenship

This signed copy of Wild Beauty contains over 45 hand-crafted recipes for natural perfumery, skincare, body care and haircare, as well as teas and tonics, Wild Beauty is a pathway to rituals that bring vibrance, brilliance ,and balance to our planet, health, and wellbeing.

Featuring gorgeous landscape and recipe photographs by Julianna Blizzard to complement the sage advice on crafting beautiful, intentional self-care rituals, this is the only book needed for truly wild holistic beauty. This copy is signed by the author, Jana Blankenship. 

Anchors Aweigh.

Key Ingredients

The Power of Scent

From Wild Beauty:

People value fragrance oils for their long-lasting wear, and they can become a continuous cloak of confidence. I, on the other hand, am fond of the ephemerality and vulnerability of essential oil-based scents. Like the waning of the day, they fade and evolve over time. Instead of static scent, they transform and react. It is a matter of preference, but as people become more and more sensitive to synthetic chemicals, it is also a matter of clearing the air.

As we start to lose touch with the scents of the natural world, we lose touch with a primal part of ourselves. I believe we need to reclaim our noses and reconnect to the scents of the natural world. When we breathe, we smell. Inhaling is a part of our vitality and a vibrant practice for well-being.

About The Author

As the Founder of Captain Blankenship, Jana has spent a lifetime immersing herself in the power of nature and what it provides. She has been an earnest student of the natural world, discovering how these treasured, born-from-the-Earth ingredients can become the formula for our most natural beauty, and how they can transform both senses and sensations to help us walk the world with childlike wonder, free to be our most wild selves.

Praise For Wild Beauty

"Wild Beauty is like a love song to nature that brings the wonder and wisdom of the natural world to our fingertips, connecting us with the ways we can bring plants into our daily rituals for a more healthy, harmonious life."

-Kirsty Hume, Model and Environmental Advocate