Wild Beauty, by Jana Blankenship - Signed Copy

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This first book by our Captain, Jana, is a personal and practical guide to clean beauty that marries engaging stories and personal anecdotes with sage information. Including 45 DIY easy-to-make recipes for natural perfumery, skincare, bodycare, and haircare as well as teas and tonics. Get your copy signed by the Captain when you order here. 

"Wild Beauty is like a love song to nature that brings the wonder and wisdom of the natural world to our fingertips, connecting us with the ways we can bring plants into our daily rituals for a more healthy, harmonious life."

-Kirsty Hume, Model and Environmental Advocate

Founder of Captain Blankenship and natural beauty expert, Jana Blankenship authors a highly usable guide to harnessing the miraculous power of plants to make your own homemade beauty products. In this transporting, beautiful book, filled with images of the natural world, she shares her recipes for making essential oil-based perfumes and room sprays, lip balm, face and body oils, bath salts, juices, tonics, and more, with a dive into plant ingredients, the benefits of detoxing your beauty regimen, and tips for creating a cleaner self-care routine. With gorgeous landscape and recipe photographs by Julianna Blizzard and tips on creating a meaningful self-care regimen, this is the only book needed for true, holistic beauty.

Hardcover, 160 pages, 6.5 x 8.5 inches

    Customer Reviews

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    I love this book!

    This book is beautifully made. It's filled with useful information and instructions so you can create your own hair, skin, and body products. I love it!


    A beautifully written and photographed book full of wisdom and DIY recipes that are so immediately impactful if you apply them. The book is a breath of fresh air. Visually stunning!

    Book Blankenship

    I love the Wild Beauty book for the beautiful photographs and wealth of information so carefully laid out.

    Wildly Beautiful

    Jana's book is a feast for the eyes and beautifully written with clear recipes for making all sorts of potions and lotions at home. I've gifted this book to my daughters and will keep spreading the word.

    Inspiring. And full of the best products I’ve ever used.

    I stumbled upon this book at B&N and am so very glad I did! I immediately felt a connection to it as I read the introduction letter, I too am allergic to synthetic perfumes. Got home, read it, became inspired, and have now made at least 10 products and they all are amazing. Can’t wait to make more! I am excited to say that I am chemical free from head to toe, and for the first time in more than 20 years am enjoying scents again. Thank you, Captain, for the inspiration and guidance, and for sharing it with us. My favorites: shampoo + rinse + conditioner combo/process (my hair has never been so gorgeous, it’s honestly amazing, friends are jealous), the deodorant, and that amazing face oil.