Protect Hair & Skin from Summer Dry-Out

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Protect Your Hair and Skin from Summer Dry-Out

Swimming, sunbathing, and beaches are the great joys of summer...heck, of life in our opinion, but can leave your hair and skin dry and spent. Here are a few tips for enjoying the pool and beach without over-exposing yourself to the elements. 

Use Hair Oil to Coat Your Locks Before Swimming

How can you protect your hair if you’re a frequent swimmer? Oil! Dousing your hair in a natural oil like our Mermaid Hair Oil before swimming will coat your hair and lessen the contact chlorine and salt water make with your hair. Oil will also protect against the drying effects of the sun. A few drops will go a long way to softer, less frizzy hair. 

Mermaid Hair Oil to protect your hair from sun, chlorine and salt.


Wear a Hat

We might sound like your Mom, but we can’t stress this one enough. Wearing a hat in the sun is one of the best ways to protect your face. It also protects your hair and shades your upper body, so even though we know you’re using SPF, a hat will ensure that the most precious skin on your body isn’t over-exposed. 


Stay Hydrated 

Keeping hydrated is so important every day, but even more so when it’s 90 degrees and sunny. If you do nothing else for the health of your hair and skin, drink tons of water. 


Quit Heat Styling for the Summer 

Summer is for undone, easy-going hair so put down those styling tools! The extra heat will compound with exposure to the elements and make for some serious damage so give your curling and straightening iron the summer off. Check out our tips on How to Get Mermaid Hair for the best summer hair ever.  

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